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As you may be aware, the BSSM are celebrating 50 years of the journal Strain in 2014.

We would like to draw your attention to some anniversary papers published to mark this special year. In addition, the Editors have selected the best papers in Strain's history. The full text of each of these papers has been made FREE for all to read, so please do share this e-mail with your colleagues, students and friends who may be interested . . .

50th Anniversary Special Papers

Available to read FREE, these are specially commissioned papers covering the progress and prospects of key techniques and application areas:

Strain 50th Anniversary – Editorial by J. M. Dulieu-Barton

50th Anniversary Article : Review on Interface Fracture and Delamination of Composites

50th Anniversary Article : The Origin and Management of Residual Stress in Heat Treatable Aluminium Alloys

50th Anniversary Article : Effect of Sensor Noise on the Resolution and Spatial Resolution of Displacement and Strain Maps Estimated with the Grid Method

Awaiting Publication:
A comparison study of full wavefield signal processing for crack detection

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Editor's Pick - the BEST papers in Strain's history!

Digital Image Correlation: from Displacement Measurement to Identification of Elastic Properties – a Review
F. Hild and S. Roux

Towards full field automated photoelastic analysis of complex components
E A Patterson and Z F Wang

Volumetric Digital Image Correlation Applied to X-ray Microtomography Images from Triaxial Compression Tests on Argillaceous Rock
N. Lenoir, M. Bornert, J. Desrues, P. Bsuelle and G. Viggiani

An Evaluation of Digital Image Correlation Criteria for Strain Mapping Applications
W. Tong

The Virtual Fields Method for Extracting Constitutive Parameters From Full-Field Measurements: a Review
M. Grdiac, F. Pierron, S. Avril and E. Toussaint

Quantitative Error Assessment in Pattern Matching: Effects of Intensity Pattern Noise, Interpolation, Strain and Image Contrast on Motion Measurements
Y. Q. Wang, M. A. Sutton, H. A. Bruck and H. W. Schreier

A Comparative Study of Several Material Models for Prediction of Hyperelastic Properties: Application to Silicone-Rubber and Soft Tissues
P. A. L. S. Martins, R. M. Natal Jorge and A. J. M. Ferreira

Digital Photoelasticity: Principles, Practice and Potential
Eann A. Patterson

Automatic Evaluation of Mixed-mode Stress Intensity Factors Utilizing Digital Image Correlation
S. Yoneyama, Y. Morimoto and M. Takashi

Three fringe photoelasticity - use of colour image processing hardware to automate ordering of isochromatics
K. Ramesh and Sanjeev S. Deshmukh

Alternative calibration techniques for quantitative thermoelastic stress analysis
J.M. Dulieu-Smith

Accurate measurement of residual stress on any steel using the centre hole method
E. M. Beaney

Impact Tensile Stress–strain Characteristics of Wrought Magnesium Alloys
T. Yokoyama

Impact Location and Quantification on a Composite Panel using Neural Networks and a Genetic Algorithm
K. Worden and W.J. Staszewski

A critical evaluation of the centre hole technique for the measurement of residual stresses
E. M. Beaney and E. Procter

Local Strain Measurement within Tendon
H. R. C. Screen, D. L. Bader, D. A. Lee and J. C. Shelton

Multiscale Full-Field Strain Measurements for Micromechanical Investigations of the Hydromechanical Behaviour of Clayey Rocks
M. Bornert, F. Vals, H. Gharbi and D. Nguyen Minh

Speckle Interferometry: A Review of the Principal Methods in Use for Experimental Mechanics Applications
P. Jacquot

Neutron and Synchrotron X-ray Strain Scanning
P. J. Withers and P. J. Webster

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