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Student Association

The student committee plays a very important role in this department. They offer the advanced advises for the department office and hold many activities for each student to participate. The student activities in this department are various and colorful. They hold the party for greeting the freshmen for them to have good memory. In the middle of the semester, they will hold the celebrated NCKU mechanical night to enhance the interaction of each member in this ME family. Also in the end of semester, they will hold a camp for senior high school student to experience, enjoy and understand their future university life. The organization of the ME student association is as followed:

  1. The student association head
  2. The vice head
  3. The secretariat
  4. The activity leader
  5. The art designer leader
  6. The communication leader
  7. The public relation leader

In this Department, the student association is lively, vital, happy, and irreplaceable. The student in this department can have a enjoyable good life.