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Solid Mechanics Division



Education Background

Research Area

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Professor, Director of Machine Shop Kuo-Shen Chen Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA MEMS, Mechanical Properties of Materials, Solid Mechanics, Mechatronics, Precision Engineering. System Dynamics Lab. For Mechatronics and Microsystems
Professor, Associate Head of Department Tz-Cheng Chiu Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Lehigh University, USA Computational Solid Mechanics, Interfacial Fracture Mechanics, Materials Reliability, Materials and Mechanics for Microelectronics, Semiconductor Packaging. Applied Solid Mechanics and Electronic Packaging Lab.

Distinguished Professor

Sen-Yung Lee

Ph.D., Engineering Science, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA

Vibration and Wave Propagation, Solid Mechanics, Creative Engineering, Nonlinear Analysis.

Mechanics and System Engineering Lab.

Distinguished Professor

Hsin-Yi Lai

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Precision Engineering, Micro-Nano-System Engineering, System Engineering Modeling.

System Engineering Lab.

Distinguished Professor Yu-Lung Lo Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland at College Park, USA Optical Fiber Sensors, Optical Precision Measurements, Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical System, Liquid Crystal Cell Tests. Micro Opto-Electronics Sensor Lab.


Tei-Chen Chen

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Theory of Elasticity, Theory of Plasticity, Thermal Stresses, Measurement Science, Micro-and Nano-Scale Mechanics.

Thermal Stress Lab.


Terry Yuan-Fang Chen

Ph.D., Engineering Mechanics, University of Florida, USA

Digital Photomechanics, Experimental Stress Analysis, Micro-Materials/Structures Testing/Measurement

Photomechanics Lab.

Distinguished University Professor

Yung-Chun Lee

Ph.D., Applied Mechanics, Northwestern University, USA

Elastic Wave Propagation, Piezoelectrics, Excimer Laser Micromachining, Nano-Imprinting & Roller Imprinting

Nano/Micro-Structure and Applied Physics Lab.


I-Ling Chang

Ph.D., Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University, USA

Fracture Mechanics, Nano-Scale Mechanics.

Nano-Computation Lab.

Assistant Professor Chien-hong Lin Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University, USA Computational Mechanics Modeling, Multiscale and multiphysics modeling of multifunctional materials,Micromechanics of composites and functionally graded materials,Time-dependent degradation of polymers. The Lin Group
Assistant Professor Chin-Kai Chang Ph.D, Institute of Applied Mechanics, National Taiwan University Nano-Optics、Micro/Nano Fabrication Technology、Opto-Mechanical Systems

Nano-Optics and Micro/Nano Fabrication Technology Lab.