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Gien-Huang Wu

Assistant Professor
Name Gien-Huang Wu
Office 91615
TEL 866-2757575 ext.62179
  1. University of Wisconsin - Madison PhD Engineering Mechanics (7809-8405)
  2. Utah State University Mechanical Engineering,ME( 6901 - 7006 )
  3. Cheng-Kung University,Industrial Management,MBA(中華民國 6509 - 6706 )
  4. Cheng-Kung University,Mechanical Engineering,BS(中華民國 6109 - 6506 )
  1. Plastics mold design
  2. Polymer Rheology
  3. Heat Transfer

A. 期刊論文

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B. 研討會論文

C. 專書

  1. 吳俊煌,"塑膠射出成型模具設計,復文書局"

D. Other publications