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Chi-Lun Lin

Assistant Professor
Name Chi-Lun Lin
Office 91722
TEL 62190
  1. PhD, Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
  2. MS, Mechanical Engineering, National Chiao Tung University
  3. BS, Mechanical Engineering, National Sun Yat Sen University
  1. Assistant Professor, National Cheng Kung University (August, 2015 - Present)
  2. Associate biomedical engineer, Medtronic Inc., USA (2012-2013)
  3. R&D Engineer, UniSVR Global Technology, Hsin-Chu City, Taiwan (2003-2007)
  1. Medical Device Design
  2. Patient-Specific Modeling
  3. Computer Aided Engineering
  1. The 2015 special and outstanding talents, awarded by Ministry of Science and Technologies
  2. 2013 Best Paper Honorable Mention at IEEE Visweek SciVis (IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics)



A. Journal Articles:

C. Lin, L. Srivastava, D. Coffey, D. Keefe, M. Horner, M. Swenson and A. Erdman, (2014), A System for Optimizing Medical Device Development Using Finite Element Analysis Predictions, ASME Journal of Medical Devices, 8(2), 02094.SCI

D. Coffey, C. Lin, A. Erdman and D. Keefe, (2013), Design By Dragging: An Interface for Creative Forward and Inverse Design with Simulation Ensembles,Visualization and Computer Graphics, IEEE Transactions, 19(12), 2783-2791. SCI.Honorable Mention Best Paper

C. Lin, D. Coffey, A. Erdman and D. Keefe, (2012), A Framework for Medical Device Design Using CAD Synchronization and Remote High- performance FEA Computing, ASME Journal of medical devices, 6(1), 017577. SCI.

D. Keefe, F. Sotiropoulos, V. Interrante, B. Runesha, D. Coffey, M. Staker, C. Lin, Y. Sun, I. Borazani, N. Rowe and A. Erdman, (2010), A process for design, verification, validation, and manufacturer of medical devices using immersive VR environments, ASME Journal of medical devices, 4(4), 045002. SCI.

B. Conference Abstracts/Papers

C. Lin, D. Coffey, D. Keefe and A. Erdman, (2015), Optimizing Design with Extensive FEA Data: A Case Study using Realistic Vacuum-Assisted Biopsy Cutting Simulations, BMES/FDA Frontiers in Medical Devices Conference: Innovations in Modeling and Simulation, Washington, DC., USA

C. Lin, D. Coffey, D. Keefe and A. Erdman, (2014), A Human-Centered Design Approach for Devices Interacting with Soft Tissue, MDIC Modeling and Simulation Summit, Washington, DC., USA

C. Lin, G. Wang, A. Erdman, G. Timm, (2013) Computational Modeling of Pelvic Floor Stress Distribution and Its Implications in Urinary Incontinence, 10th Annual Women‘s Health Research Conference, Minneapolis, MN, USA.